A rant about a review

I just discovered someone else reviewed The Sting of the Dark Tower. I will let him remain nameless. I keep thinking about one of my favorite plays, “The Real Inspector Hound”, where Tom Stoppard mercilessly skewers theater reviewers. I know how he feels.

Basically, this guy is huge a C.S. Lewis fan. That’s great — so am I. But he seems to be confusing what my characters say with what I believe. He was clearly outraged that near the end, Eleanor says, “Screw C.S. Lewis” and “If you want old science fiction, you can do way better than him.” Completely missing the point that Eleanor is trying to distance herself from C.S. Lewis in order to get in Juniper’s good graces, who has lumped Eleanor and Lewis together as “humungous prudes”.  Oh, and in the second half, Orfieu refers to Lewis as “Clive”. Anyone who has read even the C.S. Lewis wikipedia page knows that no one called him Clive. This reviewer claimed I knew nothing about Lewis. News flash: it was inaccurate on purpose. Remember, the second half of the story is invented by Juniper. It was a little message to show to anyone who really knows about C.S. Lewis that this second half was clearly not based on anything having to do with Lewis at all. Ah, well.

Tom Stoppard, you have my sympathies.