The Collected Fiction of Peter Gruenbaum

This website contains various works of fiction by Peter Gruenbaum. These stories are in various media: currently audio drama and graphic novel.  All are free.

Whether you are in 1940s Cambridge with C.S. Lewis or in a virtual space station accessed through a public computer lab in Seattle’s Central District, these stories have one thing in common: multiple story threads from different worlds, all interwoven and tightly coiled.

Check out the newest addition: Bad Egg

Selected as “Platinum Listening” by the HEAR Now Audio Fiction Festival

Elena is an adventurer with a mission, a sword, and a guide named Sneedly. Sneedly has questionable guiding skills and a box of magic eggs that rarely hatches the animal spirit he wants. In the end, Elena’s chances of succeeding in her mission all hinges on the definition of the term “bad guy”.

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