The Collected Fiction of Peter Gruenbaum

This website contains various works of fiction by Peter Gruenbaum. These stories are in various media: currently audio drama and graphic novel.  All are free.

Whether you are in 1940s Cambridge with C.S. Lewis or in a virtual space station accessed through a public computer lab in Seattle’s Central District, these stories have one thing in common: multiple story threads from different worlds, all interwoven and tightly coiled.

Check out the newest addition: The Sting of the Dark Tower.


Selected by the HEAR Now Audio Fiction Festival

After C.S. Lewis’s death, an unfinished novel was discovered in his belongings — or so the story goes. It described a parallel universe with a dystopian society, ruled by men with stingers on their foreheads. Hear the completed story as an audio drama, discovered through the perspective of a precocious 15 year old girl and her mysterious nanny.  Voiced by professional actors and with an original score for classical saxophone quartet.

headphones-2 Listen


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