Bad Egg

What do we really mean when we use the term “bad guy”?

Audio Drama

Written by Peter Gruenbaum. Selected and produced by Midnight Audio Theater as part of their scriptwriting competition.

Elena is an adventurer with a mission, a sword, and a guide named Sneedly. Sneedly has questionable guiding skills and a box of magic eggs that rarely hatches the animal spirit he wants. In the end, Elena’s chances of succeeding in her mission all hinges on the definition of the term “bad guy”.

Listen at: 2017 Scriptwriting Competition Winners. (Scroll down to find it.)

Length: 17 minutes

Cast: Simon Dowd, Bekka Kravitz
Produced and Mixed: Catherine Rinella
Session Recording: Ryan Van Bibber
Executive Producer: Dan Mushalko

Suitability for children: minimal violence, no swearing, no sexuality.